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Complete Custom T-Shirt Care Instructions

Complete Custom T-Shirt Care Instructions

Custom T-shirts are more than just clothing—they’re personal statements, artworks, and keepsakes. Ensuring they remain in pristine condition is crucial, whether you’ve just added one to your collection or you’re in the business of selling them. Proper care not only guarantees longevity but also maintains vibrant prints and fabric quality.

How to wash DTG-printed t-shirts?

Turn your t-shirts inside out—a small yet crucial step to avoid scratches and friction and keep the printed area safe.

Wash with cold water—opt for temperatures at or below 30°C (86°F) to be gentle on the print, preventing it from fading or shrinkage. 

Delicate cycle—set your machine to a delicate cycle, ideally around 600 rpm to minimize friction.

Soft detergent—use a mild detergent, as harsher detergents can cause the ink to fade or discolor.

Avoid fabric softener and dry cleaning, as it can be too harsh for the ink, degrading the print quality. 

Avoid bleach—although it’s best not to use bleach, you can opt for a non-chlorine bleach, if necessary.

How to dry DTG-printed t-shirts?

Keep the t-shirt inside out.

The best option would be to hang dry them, but with DTG-printed t-shirts, you can also use tumble drying.

If you choose tumble drying, do it on a low heat setting, as over time higher temperatures can dry out the ink, causing it to crack.

Scent or discoloration

Since the DTG printing process involves applying ink directly to the garment, it may leave an unpleasant, slightly vinegar-like scent. But no worries, this is quite normal, and it will go away after the first wash.

You may also notice some discoloration or an off-white residue on the garment. Since DTG inks are water-soluble, this can easily be washed away.

Some extra precautions:

Avoid direct sunlight before washing—due to the pre-treatment of DTG printing, direct sunlight can cause sun staining, which  is nearly impossible to get rid of.

Ironing—keep the t-shirt inside out and avoid ironing the printed part directly.

Separate laundry—divide light and dark garments to reduce any chance of color bleeding.

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